Architectural Details

creating a moulding

The Ultimate Restoration Tool
cuts labor to 1/4 - 1/3 of conventional time

This new tool gives architectural restorers working on historic homes or preservation contracts the ability to easily duplicate detailed carvings, ornamentation, and decorative moldings. This unit is a heavy-duty, commercial tool with a Bosch router, but despite its ruggedness, the balance and design leaves the user with fine control over the cutting head. Final duplicated pieces only require light sanding and they are ready for finish or paint. Results then appear hand-carved and authentic in much less than half of the time.

Contractors find that the cost of the device is recovered in the first contract due to the time and money saved making each carving.

The real benefit of the Gemini is seen by contractors faced with restoring or recreating an ornate detail that is damaged. The broken or damaged original can be mended and patched with any of a variety of very workable compounds, and then recreated directly into hardwood (cherry, maple, oak, etc). Eliminate time-consuming hand-carving and hand-crafting of detailed pieces.

Whether you are restoring a Queen Anne or gingerbread Victorian home, or a Greek Revival historic house, you can be confident that with the Gemini carver in your shop you can economically restore interior or exterior wood carvings to the complete satisfaction of the homeowner.

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